Photo Gallery

Aimee's Photos Aimee's Photos Aimee at the beginning of her journey... 112321444 Aimee at the beach... 112321104 Aimee at the park.... 112321105 Aimee dressed & ready to go swimming... 112404344 Aimee and Abigail enjoying dinner at the shore... 112321103 Aimee, Abigail, and their Dad, at the shore... 112321106 Aimee in the water, again, one of her all time favorite things to do... 112404342 Aimee, back in the water... 112404341 Aimee at the beach... 112321099 Aimee hanging in Abigail's bedroom, watching me paint... 112404343 Aimee hanging out in Abigail's room::) 123104108 Aimee hanging with Abigail... 112321101 Aimee with Abigail at childhood home.... 112321102 Aimee lounging... 112321100 Aimee enjoying the snow... 112401967 Aimee playing in the snow... 112321097 Abigail & Aimee in receiving line at wedding 3-29-69::) 123104146 Abigail & Aimee 3-29-69, Aimee was 12 years old::) 123104248 137379684 137379668 137379673 Aimee feeding Flipper, another favorite character in Aimee's life... 112404345 Aimee sewing, yes, sewing! 112336230 A lovely, table cloth that Aimee hand embroidered... 112400937 137379675 Aimee writing, yes, writing! 112336176 137379669 137379672 137379671 137379686 137379674 137379677 137379678 137379676 137379690 137379689 137379687 137379688 Aimee hanging with her niece Rachael, and nephew Adam 112321098 Aimee and Gail Inderwies, saying goodbye, after Aimee's 1st stay at Keystone Hospice, July 10, 2006........ 113592237 Aimee, Nurse Anne, and Abigail, celebrating Aimee's release from Hospice, July 10, 2006.... 113593597 Social Worker Roseanne, Aimee, and Abigail, planning a lunch date, as Aimee was discharged from Hospice, July 10, 2006... 113592698 Jorinda, Aimee's best buddy and Aimee... 112336177 Aimee and Abigail hanging on a summer day... 112321108 Aimee out for some fresh air, at her new home... 112321107 Aimee and Abigail planning her life, July 10, 2006, after being discharged from Hospice, very much alive::) 112336229 Abigail, Aimee, and Aimee's best buddy, Jorinda.... 112321109 Aimee's birthday, with her sister-in-law, Lisa, and Uncle Marvin... 112321112 Aimee and Abigail, leaving Keystone Hospice alive, after first 3 month stay... 112321117 Linda Martin, RN, Aimee and Uncle Marvin... 112321115 Abigail and Aimee, doing their thing... 112321111 Abigail and Aimee, just hanging... 112321110 Abigail and Aimee doing their thing... 112321116 Abigail and Aimee lounging on a Sunday afternoon... 112321114 Rachael, Abigail, Aimee, and Adam... 112336178 Aimee reflecting on the day... 112321113 Abigail and Aimee enjoying one another.... 112336228 Aimee's Final Resting Place... Once in Love with Aimee, Always in Love with Aimee, xox ::) 112406647